Social Media & SEO

Some experts consider it a waste of time and resources when you’re actively encouraging your content on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms in the hope of improving your search engine rankings. There exists a relationship between SEO and social media that can assist you get the best ranking if well understood.

This article guides and advises you on the relationship between SEO and social media and what exactly you’ll require to do in order to enjoy the search ranking advantages from your presence in the social media. Eventually, you’ll have the ability to have a proper social media management so as to generate steady traffic.

The Connection Between Social Media and SEO Rankings

Although social media might not be a Google’s ranking factor, it can boost the ranking factors that Google considers. Social media affects SEO due to all the sharing done via different platforms, which then increases the visibility for your content. If a huge number of people share your content across social media, then it’s probable that a lot of people will have a link to it; links are a very significant SEO ranking factor.

There’re a few things you could do to make the best out of your social media marketing and boost your visibility.


– Make The Best Social Media Profiles

Optimizing your profiles is a really important thing. For those with several social media sites, it’s important to create a better brand recognition by having a constant image through all of your sites. Your bio should be relevant to your business as well as engaging enough to draw much attention. It’s also better to add a relevant link which could most probably be your website.


– Post Updates Frequently

Your social media account should always be active. A schedule for regular posting depends on the network. It’s usual to post several times a day in Twitter but that could be considered too much on LinkedIn.


– Optimize Your Social Updates

If you would want to see your social updates go viral, it’s important to improve them for share-ability. This can include things like making use of attractive images, coming up with irresistibly viral headlines and also asking for the share. According to research, these methods boost the chance of people responding positively. On Instagram and Twitter, hashtags assist with SEO since they’re generally keywords that you use to classify your content and assist social media users identify it.


– Improve Your Website Content

You can also optimize your website to persuade visitors into sharing your content. This can be done by creating high-quality and shareable content and also making sure you improve content copy, copy, headlines and the call to action. Images are also a thing to pay attention to. It would also be a smart idea to make use of social sharing buttons to your content entirely; this makes it easy to share hence a lot of people will probably do it. Make use of videos can also increase your visibility.


– Engage More

The surest way to get the most out of SEO advantages from your presence in social media is to be available to engage with your content and improve its success. There’re many ways to do that such as earning links by connecting and referring your content influencers. You can also pay close attention to local marketing by finding local influencers and sharing local-related content. Make sure you’re responsive to comments, reviews and shares. By responding, the social medial algorithms will identify that your content is active, improving the potential reach. Another way to engage is by participating in conversations on your specific platform – see more at London SEO Marketing.


Now you have an idea of how SEO and social media work together. Following the above tips will greatly assist you in boosting your visibility.