Social Media & SEO

Some experts consider it a waste of time and resources when you’re actively encouraging your content on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms in the hope of improving your search engine rankings. There exists a relationship between SEO and social media that can assist you get the best ranking if well understood.

This article guides and advises you on the relationship between SEO and social media and what exactly you’ll require to do in order to enjoy the search ranking advantages from your presence in the social media. Eventually, you’ll have the ability to have a proper social media management so as to generate steady traffic.

The Connection Between Social Media and SEO Rankings

Although social media might not be a Google’s ranking factor, it can boost the ranking factors that Google considers. Social media affects SEO due to all the sharing done via different platforms, which then increases the visibility for your content. If a huge number of people share your content across social media, then it’s probable that a lot of people will have a link to it; links are a very significant SEO ranking factor.

There’re a few things you could do to make the best out of your social media marketing and boost your visibility.


– Make The Best Social Media Profiles

Optimizing your profiles is a really important thing. For those with several social media sites, it’s important to create a better brand recognition by having a constant image through all of your sites. Your bio should be relevant to your business as well as engaging enough to draw much attention. It’s also better to add a relevant link which could most probably be your website.


– Post Updates Frequently

Your social media account should always be active. A schedule for regular posting depends on the network. It’s usual to post several times a day in Twitter but that could be considered too much on LinkedIn.


– Optimize Your Social Updates

If you would want to see your social updates go viral, it’s important to improve them for share-ability. This can include things like making use of attractive images, coming up with irresistibly viral headlines and also asking for the share. According to research, these methods boost the chance of people responding positively. On Instagram and Twitter, hashtags assist with SEO since they’re generally keywords that you use to classify your content and assist social media users identify it.


– Improve Your Website Content

You can also optimize your website to persuade visitors into sharing your content. This can be done by creating high-quality and shareable content and also making sure you improve content copy, copy, headlines and the call to action. Images are also a thing to pay attention to. It would also be a smart idea to make use of social sharing buttons to your content entirely; this makes it easy to share hence a lot of people will probably do it. Make use of videos can also increase your visibility.


– Engage More

The surest way to get the most out of SEO advantages from your presence in social media is to be available to engage with your content and improve its success. There’re many ways to do that such as earning links by connecting and referring your content influencers. You can also pay close attention to local marketing by finding local influencers and sharing local-related content. Make sure you’re responsive to comments, reviews and shares. By responding, the social medial algorithms will identify that your content is active, improving the potential reach. Another way to engage is by participating in conversations on your specific platform – see more at London SEO Marketing.


Now you have an idea of how SEO and social media work together. Following the above tips will greatly assist you in boosting your visibility.

Solo Ads

 Solo Ads

I have been absent from the blog for a while, having had to take care of a few things and people, which left me very little time for writing.  In December 2017 – just a couple of months ago – I realized that I needed to create a day-to-day income fast, and got involved in the solo ads business.

Actually, what I am doing now is creating a subscriber list which I intend to use initially for the solo ads business, and then to sell products to – my own and other people’s. I have thought about it and decided to make a bit of a break from product creation, and spend some time building a list which can be used to start generating cash quite soon.  Once I have built it to a level when I can run run it only for an hour or two a day, I will start creating the membership site which will be the second step in my product creation journey.

For those of you who are not familiar with the solo ads business – it involves driving traffic to a free offer, to get a subscriber. Normally the first step will be building a simple funnel – a squeeze page and a download page where those who subscribe to your list are taken to download a free report, a video course, a set of articles, etc. There has to be a good incentive for a visitor to enter their address in the email box, so the squeeze page has to be quite catchy. I have been told by some of the people involved in the business that the offer does not have to be good – a 10-page report is good enough. However, I don’t feel that it is enough, especially with the competition in the solo ads business intensifying. And to be honest, I don’t just like sending subscribers to rubbish offers, so I always try to find good ones in PLR online stores.

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Once you have set up your funnel, you need to set up a tracking system. The simplest one is by using the free version of Pretty Link –  a WordPress plugin. However, a disadvantage of it is that it does not track conversions – how many people have actually subscribed to your list. And we all need to know, since it means that we can see which squeeze page performs poorly and which one well, and the same with the sellers – we are able to see whose list is not very responsive.  But I am a bit ahead of my explanations here.

So, the third step will be to find a good solo ads group to join. I was lucky to have been introduced to a few groups by my mentor. If you decide to set yourself up in the business, you need to be introduced into a good group by someone already involved in buying and selling solos. That is the best way to go about it. There is a Facebook group which I am part of, and several Skype groups too. The world of solos is not scammer-free, so you need to tread carefully, especially when you start buying your solos.

Which brings me to the fourth step – driving traffic to your offer. This can be done in different ways – both free and paid. This is a very big subject, and I will only mention a few methods used.

Free methods include having a blog with great content and a great free offer – it needs to be connected to your solo list though. The advantage of this is that you create a following, and people trust you. Which brings a certain level of responsibility on you. I think that you would have to be very selective with the offers you send to the list which you have created a relationship with.

Another free method is article marketing. This is effective in bringing new leads into the pool. Swapping solos is another free method – you agree to drive traffic to an offer, and when it comes to an agree number, your swap partner sends you the same number of clicks. Then there is click banking which is widely practised in the solo business – where you drive traffic to your partner’s offer gradually, and when you have reached the agreed number of clicks, they send you the same number (normally more) back. This works best where one partner has a larger list than the other.

There are many more free ways to drive traffic to an offer, and I have touched upon only a few.  However, if you want to have a quick start with your list, then you need to spend money, and quite a bit of it to start with – until your list has grown to at least 2000 subscribers, so that you can start delivering 50-click solos quite confidently. Some people start earlier, and it is of course a personal choice. I prefer to be on the safe side.

Buying clicks can be a bit scary when you are just starting, since it is like being a newborn, with no skills and no knowledge – unless you have started with a good training background. And of course you need someone to guide you. I was lucky to have received help from a few kind people who had started earlier than I did. I would not advise starting with no support. You do need a supportive network, and at least a minimum level of training. Otherwise it is very easy to burn your fingers, buying from the sellers who are poor performers, or who just vanish. It happened to me on a few occasions. I must say that PayPal were very helpful, and I did get my money back. But the time I spent chasing those people, worrying, and filing my claims (as few as there were of them) could have been spent much more productively.

At the moment I am on 1500 subscribers in one of my lists, and I have started building another list which has 400 subscribers at the moment. I do believe that I started doing it a bit early, and that my energy – and money – are now split between the two lists. However, it has been done, and I guess it will just take me a bit longer to get to my target of 2000 subscribers with the first list.

So things are moving, although I would like them to move a bit faster. But with all the things and preparations, learning and installations. as well as life issues, I will just have to be patient and do my best.

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I will update you a bit later about my progress with the solo business. I haven’t abandoned my dreams of building a membership site and launching my own first product. It will happen. It is just that my priorities have changed a bit, and I do need to start generating an income fast. The solo business will hopefully be the answer. Plus the benefit of building my own subscriber list which I can use for my other business.

Ah, I have not mentioned that I have enrolled to learn how to do do the solo business another way – without the “freebie” element in the funnel, using Igor Kheifets’ method. It involves driving traffic to a page where a person signs up to find out more about the offer, and are taken to a sales page. This takes much longer to set up, but you build a much better quality list – a list of buyers, and a buyer list is our eventual goal, isn’t it? It is also a self-sustaining way of building a list, since it requires minimum investment to start, and then once the traffic starts flowing to the offer, and you get an even small subscriber list, you start swapping with others, and your list keeps growing. Also, the proceeds from the sales in the sales page can be used to buy more traffic.

I have just enrolled into the training, and am looking forward to learning about Igor’s method.

So, this is what is happening in my world at the moment. If you have found this post interesting and would like to get involved in the solo business, drop me a line here, and I will reply.

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SEO Tips for Small Business

Gain More Customers With Leeds SEO

Are you struggling to drive customers to your business? If your business is relatively new, then you may have to compete against more established businesses in your niche. It’s always a struggle to get your name out there, especially if you only use traditional marketing techniques. Using SEO opens up more doors, allowing potential customers to learn about your business and consider choosing you over the competition. Keep reading to learn how Leeds SEO can help grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

SEO is the process of boosting the rankings of a web page in the organic search listings. When potential customers enter a keyword in Google or any other search engine, they will likely pick among the businesses found on the first page. Remember that sitting on the second page or beyond will do you no good. It’s important to optimise your website until you rank for keywords relevant to your products or services.

If you have enough spare time, you can learn the different SEO techniques and try to use them on your site. But if you need to dedicate all your time and energy in your day to day operations, consider hiring an SEO agency.

Finding An SEO Professional

With the help of SEO professionals, you can learn what keywords are often used by your prospective customers. They can then optimise the content on your site, ensuring that your web pages have a high chance of ranking on the first page.

Ranking isn’t all about keywords, though. The SEO company will also build high-quality links to your web pages. Links are one of the most powerful ranking factors used by Google. In general, you have a better chance of ranking if you have more links pointing to your website.

Considering the fact that the number one spot receives about one-third of the total clicks, it’s easy to see how powerful SEO is, as a marketing tactic. Start looking for a reputable Leeds SEO company to help your business reach a wider audience.

Newborn Baby Accessories

Looking For Newborn Baby Accessories?

Shopping for newborn baby accessories could be a daunting task since there are so many products on the market. In fact, there is a huge variety of baby products on the market for your newborn. So how will you shop for the best products out there? In fact, there are so many things to consider when shopping for the best newborn baby accessories on the market. Here are some of the important things to consider when doing so.



What type of creams and lotions should you stock up for your newborn baby? How many sleepers, undershirts, burping cloths, and bottles do your newborn baby require? What products should you carry in the diaper bag? Likewise, there are many things to consider when shopping for the best accessories for your newborn baby.  But do not worry, everything that you need can be purchased from reputable online baby stores like – Baby Laden Berlin.

Although many parents prefer to shop for their baby only after he/she is born well and healthy. But planning ahead is not a waste of your time. It can save a lot of your precious time once the baby is born, and you have to spend most of your time with the newborn. If you feel that you should wait for the gender of your baby before starting your shopping, you may consider buying a few baby clothes in unisex colours such as white, green or yellow. The internet has facilitated your shopping experience for your newborn baby.

You can easily search Google or Yahoo for numerous newborn baby accessories on the market. You will get a list of companies that sell such accessories under one roof in the United Kingdom. That way you can easily buy your newborn baby accessories.  And if you’re considering baby toys, although you will have to wait until they are a little older Lego is one of the most enduring kids toys ever invented, look for best lego toy store online 2018, to get an idea of the price points, and what is available.

In conclusion, if you are shopping for newborn baby food & accessories, you have come to the right place. The above read offers information on what you should consider in this regard.

Welcome to Berlin Fashion

Welcome to Berlin Fashion

Berlin is synonymous with cutting-edge fashion. It effortlessly blends simple minimalistic lines and designs with clothes that easily look good. Combining good clothes with the healthy, lean German physique is a winning combination for fashion designers and design houses from a round the world.

If you want to see winning fashion on the streets of a real city, be sure to visit Berlin, Germany!